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I’ve signed up to start learning electronics in a formal capacity. It’s been a side hobby for long enough I’d like to dedicate the time and energy to turn this into a formal practice.

For those interested it’s a more hands on approach to electronics learning, the link below.


Apple Watch Heart Study

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Apple have started a program that monitors your heart for potential arythmia’s. Pretty awesome stuff. I’m part of the 500,000 contributing to the future of technology and health!

Hope I contribute NOTHIN!

Dell’s 32″ 4K OLED – Axed

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This was the one! The monitor I’d been waiting for. Large enough for the wow factor, and accurate enough for on-set proofing. Sadly it appears customer feedback meant them killing any future prospects of this being released. A rough translation from a French source covering CES:

However, after many tests, the manufacturer has come to the obvious: this monitor could not fully satisfy them. It must be said that with a sale price of $ 5,000, this monitor had to be exemplary. But according to its manufacturer, it was not. Without giving us the technical details of the difficulties encountered, the representative of Dell simply pointed out a drift of colors when the monitor was looked at the sides


Here’s hoping the 8K shows a little more promise — but Dell’s reputation seated firmly in the centre of the monitor gamut, may be sinking.

Welcome, Kinda

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Hi, it’s good to see you’re here, but unfortunately I must break it to you, it’s also not. I wasn’t really expecting many visitors here so the one’s that have appeared are purely form some organic accident. Comments for the most part are disabled, I may enable them for certain posts. This will always be intended as a personal learning scratch / log. I would never advise you come here for facts or 100% unbridled truth. I’m not intending to avoid bias, I have no interest in journalistic integrity — I’m just using this as my place on the internet, no rules.

So, welcome! But if you feel in arms for whatever I post, for whatever reason… Goodbye!