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There isn’t much to this article, except an observation that having a scratch pad away from the professional business blog is an ideal start to pursuing and exploring ideas that may deviate from the core competencies of what I do. So here’s to an open dialog of learning.

Welcome, Kinda

Categories Opinions

Hi, it’s good to see you’re here, but unfortunately I must break it to you, it’s also not. I wasn’t really expecting many visitors here so the one’s that have appeared are purely form some organic accident. Comments for the most part are disabled, I may enable them for certain posts. This will always be intended as a personal learning scratch / log. I would never advise you come here for facts or 100% unbridled truth. I’m not intending to avoid bias, I have no interest in journalistic integrity — I’m just using this as my place on the internet, no rules.

So, welcome! But if you feel in arms for whatever I post, for whatever reason… Goodbye!